Tora Pilots

Tora Pilots

Meet the pilots who bring chaos to the skies during our show.

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Bomb Squad

The Tora Bomb Squad

Smokey, hot, and loud - meet the team that brings the show to life.

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The Planes

The Planes

Each with a history of their own, see the planes that make the show!

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Next Show
Jasper Airshow, TX (3 Airplanes, No Pyro) - September 21st-22nd

  Scheduled to appear:

  • Tora! Tora! Tora! (3 Planes, no pyro)
  • B-25 - Devil Dog
  • Jason Newburg & VIPER Team
  • Greg Koontz Airshows
  • Patrick McAlee - Blue Demon
  • Al Saylor & The Re/Max Skydiving Team
  • Stan Musick - FG-1D Corsair
*Performers subject to change.

Show Schedule

March 8th-9th

Tora Practice

March 16th-17th

April 27th-28th

May 3rd-5th

May 11th-12th

May 18th-19th

May 25th-26th

Cedar Creek, MI (3 Aircraft, No Pyro)

July 6th

July 13th-14th

July 23rd-28th

August 24th-25th

Jasper Air Show, TX (3 Airplanes No pyro)

September 21st-22nd

October 19th-20th

October 26th-27th

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